Why Protea


Why Protea

Six good reasons that make us confident about Protea leggings

1. Local & ethical, kind to earth & its residents

Protea is designed & made in Melbourne (Australia) with love and passion by local designer Alissa Stytsenko. Fabric, trims & digital printing are also sourced from Australian companies. Local manufacturing is the best way to ensure that every step of a product creation is done in an ethical manner, cruelty-free and beneficial to all participants.

2. Designer one-of-a-kind engineered prints

All Protea fabric designs are unique and original. We create engineered print-placement for each garment individually to make sure the positioning of the graphics is perfect & uniformed between sizes and repetitions. What you see on the product photos is exactly how your garment is going to look like! Cool, hey?

3. Soft, stretchy & durable hi-tech fabric

We found this magnificent fabric at our supplier in Sydney & were blown away by its qualities.

4. Minimum seams

3 seams is all you need to create a pair leggings - and 3 seams is exactly what Protea leggings have! There are no weird panels, unnecessary curves or cutting into skin wide waistbands. Only 3 essential seams! So why minimum seams are so important? A seam is a bulk of fabric & thread – and “bulk” is the last thing we need when it comes to pants. Less seams also equals less skin irritation – which is very important for sports, yoga, dance & other vigorous activities. And lastly, panelling is not necessarily a good thing – if a panel goes across the body (e.g. wide waistband) it is visually “cutting” your figure and makes your legs appear shorter.

5. No sew-on labels

Yes, absolutely NONE! Brand, size, care instructions are digitally printed on inside of waistband – this means NO itchy and scratchy sew-on labels to bother you while you are levitating.

6. Natural mid-rise waist

Protea leggings are designed to sit on natural waist – no lower, no higher. Soft wide elastic is inserted into waistband to unsure that your pants stay in place while you exercise.